ScaleMatrix is a leader in the evolving Cloud Computing marketplace. With years of real-world experience deploying a variety of cloud enabled and virtualized solutions, the company specializes in bringing clients out of the fog and into the cloud.

Whether you are looking for a fully managed cloud offering that relieves you of the burden of managing hardware or a completely custom cloud solution engineered to your specifications, ScaleMatrix has the infrastructure and manpower to do so.

ScaleMatrix is San Diego’s home for industry leading cloud services, with a team of well versed OpenStack & VMware VCP certified architects and bulletproof datacenter infrastructure, you can rest assured your cloud will stand the test of time.

The ScaleMatrix Difference – while many providers claim to offer “Cloud” services, ScaleMatrix provides a variety of proven, industry recognized solutions which will ensure the success of your company’s entry into the Cloud.

Your IT Lifecycle – each company’s needs and requirements are different. At ScaleMatrix, our infrastructure based approach enables us to provide support to customers no matter where they are in their IT Lifecycle. From traditional hosting and colocation, to private and public cloud solutions – we scale to meet your needs, no matter what. We may just be the last hosting solutions partner you ever need!

Data Center Ownership – a true point of differentiation in the Cloud Computing space, Scale Matrix owns and operates our own purpose-built, 50,000 sq ft. flagship Data Center, located in San Diego, CA. This level of investment is unusual in the Cloud industry, but we could think of no better way to control the destiny of the solutions we provide to our clients.


Virtualize Your Infrastructure.
Virtualize Your Application.
Don’t Virtualize Performance!

With ScaleMatrix TruCore™ Cloud Hosting, performance is never virtualized. Built on enterprise hardware and leveraging rock-solid VWware orchestration tools, TruCore™ Cloud Hosting provides the scalability and costs advantages of Cloud, with the performance of dedicated infrastructure.

With TruCore™ Cloud Hosting, Clients purchase individual “Compute Blocks” comprised of one (1) dedicated core and eight (8) GB of dedicated RAM. This performance tuned Core/RAM ratio is ideal for fully virtualized environments, and most important of all, guarantees that there is no guessing as to how much resource or capacity is available to you at any given time.

When compared with the often oversubscribed vCPU or vRAM offers from traditional public cloud providers, the TruCore™ Cloud Hosting service provides significantly more predictability, control and performance. With each TruCore™ deployment, SAN/Storage and IP/Management traffic is physically seperated onto discreet networks.

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Dedicated Private Cloud

cloud-shieldWhen performance, security, or data integrity are part of the equation, ScaleMatrix Dedicated Private Cloud services can help ensure the success of any Cloud deployment.

Offering the highest levels of security, customization, performance, and reliability – Private Cloud deployments replace the need to build and operate your own data center and application hosting environments.

Clients can select from a number of pre-configured, cloud optimized server builds to support any specific performance requirement. In addition, ScaleMatrix can customize a specific build or CPU/RAM configuration based on a given request.

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VMware Solutions

Your Hosting Partner for VMware vCloud Services
ScaleMatrix has invested heavily in IT resources, infrastructure and personnel to deliver world-class VMware solutions to our customers and partners.

Rock Solid Virtualization In Rock Solid Data Centers

Our approach starts from the ground up, by leveraging best-in-class data centers, hardware and a small army of VMware VCP Certified virtualization engineers. Our track record includes the successful overhaul and delivery of VMware vCloud services for Dell’s customers along with hundreds of nationwide customers touting 100% uptime and availability.

Benefits of Hosting Your VMware Environment with ScaleMatrix

  • Focus on your business, not your infrastructure! Our data center engineers manage the underlying hardware and network infrastructure around the clock.
  • 24x7x365 Support of your virtualized configuration by a team of VMware Certified Professionals (VCP)
  • Our VMware Certified Professionals (VCP) are available to help you architect configure, and deploy your virtualized environment no matter how complex or trivial it is.
  • Whether you are on shared or completely private infrastructure, we isolate network, compute, and storage layers for increased security and the most predictable performance.

VMware Diagram

VMware Diagram

Manage VMs With Ease

Seamlessly manage your VMware environment using either the ScalePanel console or familiar API tools to manage both your on-premise and hosted VMware environments.
Spin up brand new VMs or effortlessly migrate your existing VMware environment to TruCoreTM or Dedicated Private Cloud infrastructure and leverage our seasoned VMware support team to get the job done right … the first time.

Move VMs With Ease

Already have an existing VMware environment? Hosted on premiss or at another hosting provider and want to offload the burden of managing it? No problem, our VCP certified engineers can architect the best solution possible to avoid downtime while getting your VMware environment hosted within the best possible Cloud, IaaS or Hybrid solution.

VMware Diagram

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OpenStack Solutions

A developing but wildly intriguing open source platform is taking the cloud world by storm. OpenStack

While initially founded by the people at Rackspace (don’t get us started), the platform has gained significant acceptance from those longing for cloud standardization and a more cost effective model for designing and deploying cloud infrastructure.

OpenStack is comprised of three fundamental pieces

  • OpenStack Compute in its essence deals with standard virtualization management, which is necessary to run your public or private Cloud. It deals with the allocation and assignment of CPU, network addresses, memory, and disk space.
  • OpenStack Object Storage handles the storage objects of your cloud implementation, allowing you to create containers, whether they are public or private. It also allows you, through the use of API calls, to manipulate the location and accessibility of your files. As a result, when you use it with OpenStack Compute, you can store the images required launching new virtual images.
  • OpenStack Image Service is responsible for managing virtual disk images and their delivery, including support for most major image formats, including Microsoft’s Hyper-V and common VMWare image types.

From its open source beginnings, this community driven platform has support from large companies and developers alike, along with an active user base building new open source tools and solutions for its followers.

ScaleMatrix IaaS solutions are the perfect platform for growing and managing your own OpenStack environment, while leveraging enterprise class hardware and world class Data Center infrastructure.

Cloud Storage

Performance Cloud Storagestarting-at-10

Performance Tiers

Tier 1
Real Time IOPS Pool – Full 100% SSD Cache
Best For:
High-Performance Computing
Digital Rendering
Real-time financial operations
Tier 2
Hybrid Performance Pool – 15% SSD Cache
Best For:
OLTP/Transactional SQL
E-Commerce web hosting
Tier 3
Performance Pool – 10% SSD Cache
Best For:
VM stores
Standard file servers
Normal volume virtualization
Tier 4
Value Pool – 0% SSD Cache (all SAS spinning disk)
Best For:
Disk-to-Disk data retention
Email archiving
Long-term data archival
All tiers have dedicated flash caches for speed enhancement
Protocols supported: NFS, ISCSI, CIFS

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