cloud-shieldWhen performance, security, or data integrity are part of the equation, ScaleMatrix Dedicated Private Cloud services can help ensure the success of any Cloud deployment.

Offering the highest levels of security, customization, performance, and reliability – Private Cloud deployments replace the need to build and operate your own data center and application hosting environments.

Clients can select from a number of pre-configured, cloud optimized server builds to support any specific performance requirement. In addition, ScaleMatrix can customize a specific build or CPU/RAM configuration based on a given request.

Clients can choose from managed firewall and networking features, or can elect to have dedicated switches and security appliances deployed upon request. Performance tiered Cloud Storage, monitoring, bandwidth, and security features are all easily customized to meet the most demanding requirements.

For organizations concerned with data privacy, Private Cloud services can be deployed as standalone islands, ensuring maximum security and protection. Leveraging VMware’s virtualization services, Private Cloud environments can support anywhere between four (4) and several hundred compute cores.

dellWhether migrating an individual application or an entire physical data center to a virtualized environment, ScaleMatrix Dedicated Private Cloud hosting services provides the ultimate in flexibility, control, and overall security.

Opex vs CapEX

Faced with the need to purchases tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of infrastructure to support a new project? Maxed out on your CapEx spend for the year? With ScaleMatrix Private Cloud services, Clients can quickly spin up new environments, big or small, without huge up front capital expense. Leverage OpEx budgets, and speed time to deployment with ScaleMatrix Private Cloud services.

Performance & Control

One of the key benefits of Private Cloud, over traditional Public Cloud environments, is performance! You choose the amount of CPU/RAM needed to support your application. Then select the storage solution that’s right for you from our performance tiered Cloud Storage service. Concerns about performance or multi-tenant environments are a thing of the past.

Ease of Use

After selecting a specific amount of compute / memory resources, ScaleMatrix will deploy your Private Cloud environment. Leveraging the ScaleMatrix VMware interface, you are free to launch and manage virtual instances as you see fit.

Privacy & Security

With Private Cloud services at ScaleMatrix, Clients can rest assured that their compute / data services are secure. In addition, dedicated networking, security, and even storage services are available for the most cautious of end users!


With ScaleMatrix, adding additional capacity is a breeze. Need additional compute, bandwidth, storage, or network capacity? Just ask. Most requests are completed same day!

Item Description MRC NRC Units of Sale
Dedicated Compute Node 100% Dell Enterprise Server Hardware
Enterprise 32 Core, 256GB Ram – Dell/Intel Server Contact Us $0
Performance 16 Core, 128GB RAM – Dell/Intel Server Contact Us $0
Value 8 Core, 64GB RAM – Dell/Intel Server Contact Us $0
Cloud Management Hypervisor and below Included Included
Management Interface vSphere / vCloud Director Included Included
[Managed] Ability to Spawn / De-Spawn VM’s
Ability to Assign Resources
Ability to Import / Export VM’s
Ability to Create / Remove Templates
Ability to manage Advanced Features (HA, Recovery Mode)
Licensing – VM VMware Basic Licensing (ESXi & VDC) Included Included
VMware Template Catalog    
  CentOS 5.9 32-bit    
  CentOS 5.9 64-bit    
  CentOS 6.4 32-bit    
  CentOS 6.4 64-bit    
  Debian 6 32-bit    
  Debian 6 64-bit    
  OpenSUSE 12.3 32-bit    
  OpenSUSE 12.3 64-bit    
  Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32-bit    
  Windows 2008 Standard 32-bit    
  Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64-bit    
  Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit    
  Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit    
  Windows Server 2012 Standard 64-bit    
  Windows 2008 R2 Standard 64-bit    
  Windows 2008 Enterprise 32-bit:    
  Windows 2008 Enterprise 64-bit    
  Windows 2008 R2 Standard 32-bit    
  Windows 2008 Standard 64-bit    
Licensing – Other Windows Server, Linux, Microsoft Catalog – Monthly Fee See Schedule Included
Storage Performance Tiered Storage (See Storage Breakdown)
Real Time IOPS $3.00 Included GB/Month
Hybrid Performance Pool (DB, OLTP) $0.80 Included GB/Month
Performance Pool (VMStore, File Services) $0.65 Included GB/Month
Value Pool (Long Term Storage) $0.40 Included GB/Month
Data Encryption (at rest) 50% Increase $250 50% Increase in Basic Storage Fees
Backup Netvault Enterprise Backup $0.15 Included GB/Month
Backup & Replication Netvault Enterprise Backup + Value Class Storage In Different GEO $0.35 Included GB/Month
IP Addresses As Needed Upon Proper Justification Included Included
Network Backplane Capacity
IP & Mangement Network 1Gbps Included Included
10Gbps $25 $50
SAN Network 1Gbps Included Included
10Gbps $25 $50
Bandwidth Charges 5Mbps include per Dedicated Cloud Node (Combined In/Out) Included Included
Additional Committed Bandwidth (Billed Per Mbps / Average) $40 Included Mbps/Month/Average
Bandwidth Overage Fee (Billed Per Mbps / Average) $80 Included Mbps/Month/Average
SAN Bandwidth FREE – No Additional Charge Included Included
Management Bandwidth FREE – No Additional Charge Included Included
Matrix Monitoring Essential Pack – Network, Systems Included Included
Enhanced Pack – Network, Systems, Application $5 $0 Core/Month
Correlation Engine $5 $0 Month/MB/Log
Vshield Security Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware Included Included
Advanced Firewall Protection Fully redundant, HA Clustered Managed Firewall Service $5 $10 Monthly/RU
24/7/365 Live Support US Based Level 1 – Level3 NOC & Engineering Included Included
Initial Installation Timeframe 1-2 Business Days (Depending on complexity of environment)
Upgrade Path Additional Dedicated Compute Nodes, 8 Core / 16GB RAM Minimum
Upgrade Timeframe 1-2 Business Days (Depending on complexity of upgrade)