100% uptime since day one … Can your data center operator say that?

With years of traditional data center construction and management expertise as a guide – the ScaleMatrix team set out to improve upon the decade old status quo model. After three years of development and testing – the ScaleMatrix Data Center & Colocation facility was born.

Owned and operated by its employees (instead of bean counting bankers), it’s no wonder our infrastructure, cooling technology and unequivocal levels of customer service are held with the utmost importance.

Aside from providing industry leading power and redundancy solutions we also address a multitude of other data center capabilities that you should be considering when reviewing colocation facilities, including:

Data Center Locations

The ScaleMatrix Cloud and Colocation Center is the most technologically advanced, highest density Data Center in the region. As the only new construction multi-tenant Data Center built in the region within the last decade, the facility boasts ultra-efficient technical innovations, multi-layered security, extreme density capabilities, and client support services which are simply unavailable elsewhere.

ScaleMatrix San Diego High Density Cloud and Colocation Campus

Location: 5775 Kearny Villa Road, San Diego, CA 92123

Facility Infrastructure & Amenities

Data Center Size: 50,000 Square Feet Deployed
Expansion Capability: 155,000 Square Feet
Business Continuity Space: 20,000 Square Feet
Power Configuration: Dual Path 2N or N+1 configuration available
Cooling: Closed loop, non-evaporative Chilled Water System
Density Capabilities: Dynamic Density Control™ supports 27kW+ per cabinet
Blended Bandwidth: Premium Multi-homed Connectivity
In Building Fiber Providers: Level3, Cox, TWTC, Cogent, Time Warner Cable, Internap, Above.net*
Fire Suppression: Cabinet Based Detection, Suppression, & EPO System
Monitoring: Power, HVAC, and Critical Infrastructure Systems monitored 24/7/365
Physical Security: Cabinet Level Biometrics, Visual Surveillance, Armed Security
Additional Amenities: Shipping & Receiving Station, Training Centers, Client Work Area, Wireless Internet Access, Ample Parking, Equipment Lifts, Freight Elevators, Free Beverage & Snack Machines for Client Use
Roof Access: Elevated Roof Access with Ample Space for Antenna Equipment
Client Support Services: Matrix TotalCare™& Managed Service

Space Offerings

  • Shared Colocation Space, available by the RU (rack unit)
  • ½ Colocation Cabinets
  • Full Private Colocation Cabinets
  • Each Full Cabinet Supports 27kW+ electrical load

Caged & Private Suite Space Offerings

  • Customized Private Cages & Suites – from 100 Square Feet to 25,000 Square Feet

Dynamic Density Control

The ScaleMatrix Green Giant Data Center is the first facility designed and equipped with Dynamic Density Control. This revolutionary systems allows us to control the amount of power and cooling resources deployed to each individual cabinet within the Data Center, based specifically on the demands of the client. High density clients no longer impact the other racks around them with excessive heat output, each client receives precisely the cooling they need, and the extraordinary efficiency gained by this systems allows ScaleMatrix to reduce operating costs by a staggering 30% or more. Request a quote today and see for yourself the benefits of ScaleMatrix Dynamic Density Control.

The Costly Flaw with Single Density Deployments in Multi-Tenant Facilities
Building a facility to a single density rating brings additional challenges for multi-tenant locations (as most colocation facilities are) since not every client’s power and density requirements are the same. In many Data Centers, low density and high density clients become intermingled. This results in inefficiency for the Data Center operator – often resulting in increased cost for all clients.
What’s worse, in a standard “Hot Row / Cold Row” configuration, high density clients utilize more resources and cause “Hot Spots” which can affect HVAC efficiency for adjacent lower density clients.

The Solution – Dynamic Density Control™ – Only at ScaleMatrix
Through intelligent monitoring and advanced facility automation controls, the ScaleMatrix Green Giant Data Center is able to dynamically control the density of each deployed cabinet on the Data Center flow. Temperature sensor readings in conjunction with electrical consumption measurements are evaluated in real time to determine thermal load of each client cabinet. From there, the intelligent facility based automation system manages airflow (CFM) and temperature output (HVAC) based on the specific cabinet level demand. Each client cabinet receives precisely the amount of cooling that is required, second by second, with zero impact on or from the rest of the Data Center. Hot spots and server temperature warnings are a thing of the past at ScaleMatrix.

Highest Density Capabilities on West Coast of the United States
The ScaleMatrix Green Giant facility can provide unlimited power density for our collocated and hybrid hosting clients. Each cabinet can support 27kW+, and there is no limit to the number of high density cabinets our clients can deploy.

High Density Capabilities for Clients from Any Region

For those located outside the Southern California region, using the ScaleMatrix Green Giant facility as a remote hosting center is no problem. Matrix TotalCare and Managed Service teams can rack and stack, configure, and provide ongoing support of equipment housed within our facility for clients from outside this geographic region.

Efficiency Drives Market Pricing – Another ScaleMatrix Advantage
In addition to providing the perfect environment for each client cabinet, the ScaleMatrix Dynamic Density Control™ system delivers unmatched efficiency throughout the facility. While raise floor facilities cool then entire center regardless of the number of deployed cabinets (the cost of this inefficient design is passed on to you, the client), the ScaleMatrix Green Giant facility utilizes intelligent automation controls to only produce cooling resources based on the actual facility load requirements at any given moment. This efficiency advance allows ScaleMatrix to realize 30% – 40% savings in the operation of our HVAC systems, the result of which is extremely competitive market pricing for our products and services!

High Density Data Center Racks

The ScaleMatrix Network

The ScaleMatrix network was designed and built with the cloud in mind. Our cloud-optimized network runs on robust Brocade hardware allowing us to provide edge-to-edge agility thus reducing complexity and management issues. Rely on a network designed to support high-bandwidth applications in the cloud.

Brocade Enterprise Class Architecture

The ScaleMatrix Enterprise Network provides reliable, flexible IP services to clients located in one of our two Cloud and Colocation Centers. Each location boasts a state-of-the-art Brocade enabled architecture platform, complete with edge, distribution, and aggregation devices, interconnected via redundant 10Gbps links.
With network infrastructure – simplicity, uptime, and rich feature sets help ensure application performance and ultimately end user experience. Brocade’s cloud-optimized infrastructure solutions have proven track records in both Data Center and IP network deployments. These strong pedigrees were critical factors in our decision to deploy Brocade’s MLX Series equipment.
Brocades experience and capabilities with fabric-based Ethernet and Fiber networks helped establish the fundamental building blocks ScaleMatrix uses to support Cloud, Colocation, and highly virtualized client environments.

Network & IP Services

Each facility is equipped with multiple fiber entrances, and IP carriers deliver transit services via diverse pathways. As a carrier neutral facility, ScaleMatrix clients have a variety of bandwidth and IP service offerings from which to choose. Clients may elect to connect directly to any of the buildings numerous network and IP providers or they may choose to purchase a burstable, multi-homed IP service, complete with enterprise class DDoS mitigation protection directly from ScaleMatrix.

Cost Effective, LowLatency Transport

ScaleMatrix owns and operates a nationwide 10Gbps transport ring which interconnect our San Diego and Houston facilities. In addition to providing access to connectivity available at either of our two centers, the ring provides the lowest latency transport available for clients leveraging services in both locations. Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Geographically Dispersed deployments enjoy lightning fast, low cost connectivity between centers.

Dual Path Power

Power infrastructure systems at ScaleMatrix provide state-of-the-art access to clean and protected electrical power. The dual path design delivers two independent connections to each client cabinet, providing 110v and 208v power at any amperage.

Power is deployed in an A + B fashion, with managed Server Technology power strips deployed as part of the integrated system. Power strips provide real time monitoring and reboot capabilities, which clients can access from their online web portal.
Each independent circuit connects to A & B Power Distribution Units (PDU) located throughout the Data Center floor, with each set of PDU’s tying back to independent A & B UPS plants.

Each UPS plant is connected to independent Caterpillar Generators, each equipped with fuel storage and priority fueling contracts.
ScaleMatrix utilizes top-of-the-line Square D brand electronic switch gear capable of supporting two independent utility feeds. The facility is currently supported by a 3MW SDGE electrical service. A 24 month – 3 phase, 8MW upgrade is underway which will include a second utility feed from local market provider (SDGE).

Unparalleled Security

As a Colocation and Cloud Service provider for a variety of regulated and compliance focused industries, security is of paramount concern at ScaleMatrix. A multi-tiered approach comprised of Physical, Network, and Data Security provides a robust and safe environment for our clients.

Facility Security

Perimeter & Exterior

The ScaleMatrix San Diego Data Center is protected by a perimeter fence and automatic closing gates. During the business day, Monday – Saturday, the gates are open for ease of access. During off hours, gates are closed and secured with pin code access. The exterior of the facility is monitored with HD, night vision, and motion sensitive cameras, all monitored by both the ScaleMatrix NOC and our Armed Security Response team.

Human Security

Industry Certified Security and Compliance Specialists

Operating and enforcing the ScaleMatrix security protocols is the job of our CISSP, CRISC, and CISA certified employees. Maintaining these coveted industry certifications ensure that our policies and procedures meet and exceed our clients high standards.

Access Control

Dual Factor Authentication

Employees, clients, and visitors alike wear identification badges at all times when inside ScaleMatrix facilities. In addition to the badge and human authentication system, each Data Center entrance and exit requires two factor authentications of both key code and biometric signature.

Physical Security

Onsite Armed Response Team

With clients ranging from government organizations to healthcare and financial service providers, physical security is guaranteed by our onsite Armed Response Team. This 24/7/365 team provides perimeter and physical access control, in addition to enforcing rules and regulations throughout the facility. ScaleMatrix is the only provider in Southern California to offer an armed security presence.

Data Security

Digitus Demo

Colocation Cabinet Access Control – Digitus Biometric – 100% Positive ID

ScaleMatrix takes Data Security to another level by protecting each and every client cabinet with the Digitus Biometric locking system. Each cabinet is monitored 24/7/365 and access is controlled by a predefined access list which authorized clients can manage through their online portal. This system provides a 100% identity confirmation on every person accessing a client cabinet. In addition, the system provides reporting and alerts for when the cabinet doors are opened and closed.

Network Security

Enterprise Class DDoS Protection with Arbor Networks

All the physical security in the world can’t protect your network from a DDoS attack. Yet surprisingly few network and hosting providers invest in the technology and platforms capable of protecting their clients from these all too frequent occurrences.
At ScaleMatrix, clients enjoy the protection of the industry leading Arbor Networks PeakFlow traffic protection and management system. Able to identify and defeat DDoS attacks up to 40Gbps in size, the Arbor Networks solution is the recognized market leader which is deployed in every major Tier I network worldwide, including the ScaleMatrix network.

Fire Suppression

Cabinet Based Fire Suppression is yet another first here at ScaleMatrix. This ingenious system provides clients with exceptional protection, while eliminating the chance of outage from an incident caused by someone else in the Data Center. Should a fire or issues occur in your cabinet, this system reduces the time it takes to bring your services back online to just minutes, instead of hours or days at a traditional hosting center using a facility wide fire suppression agent. Real innovation helping you mitigate risk, only at ScaleMatrix.

Managing fire suppression systems in large enterprise class data centers can be tricky. In a vast majority of legacy facilities (those built more than 5 years ago) the fire suppression system is tied directly into a facility wide Emergency Power Off (EPO) switch, which in the event of a fire, facilitates the disconnection of electrical service as a means to remove the source of fire. In more advanced facilities, these EPO switches are segmented into as many as three zones, so that if a fire does occur, only 1/3 of the facility is affected by the incident.
Once a fire is detected and an EPO switch triggered, the next step is to disperse a fire suppressing agent into the facility. Depending on the system being deployed, getting back into the Data Center after an agent has been released can take hours or even days. Either way, the power is off to the affected Data Center zone and you can expect no less than “hours” of downtime following the event, if not worse!
Fire Suppression by ScaleMatrix – Data Center 2.0
At ScaleMatrix, individual fire detection, suppression, and EPO systems are deployed at the cabinet level. These individualized systems protect each cabinet from the risk of fire, while ensuring that an incident which affects one client or cabinet – has no impact on the surrounding Data Center or clients located nearby.
The system utilizes FM-200 gas, which has no impact on the server and network hardware within the cabinet. Further, in the event of a fire, following the discharge of the system – an individual rack can be reset, recharged, and powered back up in minutes instead of hours.
This revolutionary system eliminates the chance of a facility wide outage caused by a single client, and brings the RTO (Return to Operation) projection down from hours to just minutes in the case of an actual fire event. Just another game-changing innovation, available only to clients at ScaleMatrix.

Average Bandwidth Billing

For years – ISP’s and Hosting Industry Providers have utilized the 95% bandwidth billing methodology as the Status Quo. At ScaleMatrix, the launch of Data Center 2.0 brings about what we feel is a new and improved method of billing our clients for bandwidth services – Average Billing.

ScaleMatrix stands by our commitment that IT services and infrastructure solutions are meant to enable our clients businesses – not impede them. For this reason, we developed the Average Usage Bandwidth Billing Policy, which is used exclusively throughout our entire portfolio of products and services.
Simply put – Average Usage Bandwidth Billing allows clients to fully leverage their bandwidth and IP transit investment, instead of penalizing them for the use of said service.
Average Bandwidth Billing
How Is Average Usage Bandwidth Billing Computed?
It’s simple really. Our network monitoring system takes measurements of client bandwidth usage in five minute intervals. At the end of each month – those measurements are added together, and we divide by the number of measurements taken. This provides a true and accurate measure of your average bandwidth usage. Seems fair … and we can’t imagine why anyone would do it any other way.

Benefits of Average Usage Bandwidth Billing

  • Launch short term communications campaigns without fear of incurring bandwidth overage
  • Receive national media coverage which results in increased site traffic – without fear of bandwidth overage
  • Conduct periodic data migration or backup over the Internet – without fear of bandwidth overage

At ScaleMatrix, we want you to leverage all of the IT resources we place at your disposal to your maximum benefit. By doing so, we believe you will be more successful and in turn, we all profit.

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