A great success, thank you!

ScaleMatrix Grand Opening & Tech Expo ScaleMatrix is proud to report that our grand opening event was nothing short of extraordinary.  A capacity crowd and a nearshortage on both appetizers and cocktail service prove that we exceeded even our own expectations. With over 600 in attendance and 26 vendors exhibiting, the technology exposition provided a wealth of knowledge to visitors as well as providing them with a networking opportunity unmatched by any other regional technology event. Throughout the evening our executive staff hosted tours of the facility highlighting our revolutionary technology, power and infrastructure.  Those that attended had a chance to take a look at data center 3.0 of the world and the only data center in San Diego focused on providing the highest levels of colocation, private cloud and data center services. The announcement of our opening and the event itself received some fantastic press coverage – here are some of our favorites:

We would like to thank our partners, vendors, and most of all the attendees of the event for their support on this monumental day.   The ScaleMatrix team has put tremendous effort into developing the cutting edge cloud and colocation services highlighted during the grand opening event – and we look forward to helping each of you leverage these solutions to add scalability and redundancy to your IT portfolio, without breaking the bank! Missed the event? Don’t worry – we are happy to schedule private tours for those who missed the grand opening.   Please contact us via phone or through our website to schedule your tour today. From all of us at ScaleMatrix, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to each of you, and to the Southern California IT community as a whole for your ongoing and tremendous support.

Flip Cam Winners

Social Media Winner – Jennifer Butler

  1. Jack Beaton
  2. Gene Marson
  3. Joe Robbins
  4. Anthony Nyikos
  5. Ronald Wilson
  6. Jason Elder
  7. Tina Mitchell
  8. Metin Pasaoglu
  9. Charles Morgan
  10. Julian Hicks
  11. Michael Lee
  12. Greg May
  13. Blair M. Baker
  14. David Cho
  15. Alex Mathers
  16. William Dale
  17. Ellis Blank
  18. Hanrijanto Sariowan
  19. Michael Gibbs
  20. Doug Ray
  21. Kent Saunders
  22. Jon Martin
  23. Michael Nardozza
  24. Chris Fuller
  25. David M. Gervon

Vendor Raffle Items

Kindle – Matthew Mower $50 Best Buy Gift Card – Jesse Barrick $50 Best Buy Gift Card – David S. Druker $50 Best Buy Gift Card – Rob Ruth Blue Ray Entertainment System – Michael Bailey 96Gb Solid State HD – Martin Doyle Cooler Maxx Enclosure – Jonathan Hartington Rock-It Portable Speakers – Matt Brown $50 American Express Gift Card – Derek Mickle $50 American Express Gift Card – Robert Sarrisin Titleist NXT Golf balls – Richard Chaput Seagate GoFlex Satellite 500GB HD – David Chan