Chris Orlando, ScaleMatrix Co-Founder and CEO will participate as a speaker at the upcoming DCD San Francisco conference in July. During this panel Chris will participate in the discussion of air vs water cooling. This conference is the leading Bay area data center and cloud infrastructure ecosystem event.

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Plenary Roundtable: Dear Future Industries, Please Tell Us What Infrastructure You Will Need to Power Your Exponential Growth?

By 2020 the amount of data created will be 50+ zettabytes and by 2025, IDC have predicted that 49% of the world’s stored data will be in public cloud environments with data generation dominated by ‘future industries’ enabled by edge networks and centralized data centers. This "extended play" plenary panel pulls together professionals from the life sciences and healthcare, next-gen transportation and global internet sectors and pits them against their future digital infrastructure service providers from cloud, colocation and telecoms to debate how huge predicated capacity requirements of the future will be met.

The panel will uncover the modern approach to capacity, hardware ownership, IT agility and supply-chain management. How do you build the unknowable into corporate strategy planning? How is the long lead for equipment evolving as projects double in scale and complexity? What impact will exponential digital growth have on scheduled delivery times and how will pressure on deliver effect speed-to-market?

Dean Nelson, Head of Compute, Uber
Steven Press, VP - Data Center Operations, Kaiser Permanente
Zaid Ali Khan, Head of Infrastructure Engineering, Linkedin
Steve Schwarzbek, HPC & Open Source Analyst, Northtrop Grumman Corporation
Chris Orlando, Co-Founder and CEO, Scalematrix
Eddie Schutter, Chief Technology Officer, Switch
Skyler Holloway, Program Manager - Global Data Center Connectivity, Facebook
Panel Moderator: Kelly Morgan, Vice President - Services, 451 Group

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