ScaleMatrix is actively recruiting for this position, and will be providing online on-boarding and training, and Work From Home opportunities during the current quarantine. We continue to work with local and State authorities to ensure a safe working environment for our employees and clients.

Job Information

ScaleMatrix is currently seeking a full-time Cloud Engineer at our Dallas data center to support the continued design, planning, management, development and support of its internal and client facing Cloud and Data Protection solutions. ScaleMatrix is a growing company with a dynamic and exciting work environment. This person must be able to work in an environment focusing on products and services that enable our clients to utilize cloud services and technologies, and to integrate those offerings with existing infrastructure solutions. This role requires a senior resource with excellent communication skills and an ability to understand a broad range of technical solutions and issues. This person must be able to work independently, as well as part a cross functional team. Teamwork, organizational skills and flexibility are crucial attributes to bring to this position.

This Cloud Engineer will be involved in projects utilizing a wide range of applications, operating systems, hosting environments and virtualization platforms within the datacenter environment. Tasking will include building, securing, and maintaining a large variety of servers and hosted solutions. The Cloud Engineer must be skilled at using a broad collection of applications, operating systems, Cloud environments and virtualization platforms to meet client requirements ranging from hosting small websites to complex load balanced clusters for Enterprise customers.


  • Ability to evaluate current Cloud environments and make recommendations for performance and architecture improvements.
  • Support technical initiatives, ensuring solutions remain current as industry-changing technologies arise.
  • Design and build secure, highly available solutions, utilizing Change Management so production systems have undergone peer review prior to implementation on the live system.
  • Extensive experience with architecting Cloud solutions, SAN, corporate, and virtualized environments.
  • Hands on experience building enterprise grade production SAN environments.
  • Development Operations experience supporting internal and external programmers and engineers.
  • Experince with building and supporting corporate backup solutions, including multi-site environments
  • Maintain very high uptime of critical corporate and client facing infrastructure.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to learn a broad range of technical solutions and issues.
  • Collaborate with the Sales, Technology and Operation teams to understand and deliver the best possible technical solution from our broad range of products and services.
  • Responsible for the proper maintenance and upkeep of multiple operating systems including corporate VDI and Terminal Services servers, ESXi hosts, vCenter servers, and backup solutions.
  • Build, secure, and maintain a wide variety of fault tolerant Cloud and Data Protection solutions in multiple datacenters.
  • Provide high level support to both clients and corporate solutions and systems.
  • Investigate and respond to all reports of systems issues for internal and client systems.
  • Provide hardware and software recommendations to senior management for cost effective infrastructure upgrades.
  • Must have demonstrated development and support skills in a fast-paced environment
  • Willingness to work flexible schedule if necessary.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


  • Hands on experience with Nimble, VDI and external Cloud solutions.
  • Understanding of the VMware administrative platform including ESXi.
  • Previous project management or sales engineer experience.
  • IT certifications in Cloud, Storage, Windows Server, Active Directory, and VMware.
  • Experience with open source technology, scripting languages
  • Familiar with programming languages including Java, Python and Ruby.
  • Skills in API usage, command line interfaces and SDKs for writing applications.


  • Minimum three years of experience in a datacenter or similar computing environment.
  • Experience with enterprise grade Cloud solutions, including both internal and external hosted systems.
  • Extensive experience with cloud-based applications hosted on AWS, Azure, Google or similar solutions.
  • Ability to communicate complex technical concepts in a simple and straightforward business fashion.