New CPU-Based ScaleCloud Offers Performance, Flexibility and Customization and the Industry’s First ‘Hardware Age Guarantee’ Ensuring Sustained Performance and Compatibility for Emerging Applications

San Diego, CA - August 14, 2019 - ScaleMatrix, the United States' leading provider of variable and high-density colocation facilities, which are home to the company's performance cloud, storage, and professional service portfolios, announced that it has launched a redesigned implementation of its ScaleCloud high-performance cloud platform,  purpose-built with the latest VMware advancements, to support compute-intensive workloads such as AI, IoT and HPC. The ScaleCloud hosting solution eliminates common hosting inefficiencies, maximizes hardware flexibility, and enables highly customized hardware, support, and billing profiles, while providing the fastest, highest performance “green” cloud option available on the market.

ScaleMatrix Data Centers leverage the patented Dynamic Density Control™ (DDC) platform, – an innovative liquid-air hybrid cooling system which provides ideal environmental conditions and extreme energy efficiency, along with better security and rapid-deployment capabilities, for the powerful compute hardware needed to support today’s most demanding applications. The new ScaleCloud platform utilizes Intel® Xeon® Scalable Platinum Processors running on HPE Synergy 12000 frames, to provide a flexible, cost-effective CPU-based solution that delivers the speed and blazing-fast performance that modern businesses need for running intensive computational workloads. The combination of these advanced Data Centers and high-end computing solutions creates a powerful high-performance cloud platform which provides supreme flexibility with a choice of hardware performance tiers to match various workloads in the cloud, a customizable support model to match any organization’s budget or staffing needs, and multiple billing models, including contract, burstable, and hourly.

“We have architected the ScaleMatrix ScaleCloud platform from the ground up to address the needs of enterprises and organizations that require high-performance computing without the trade-offs that have previously made moving those types of workloads to the cloud rigid, inefficient, expensive, and too often, impractical,” said Brent Beverly, Chief Operating Officer of ScaleMatrix. “With the powerful and flexible ScaleCloud platform, we have broadened the horizons for organizations experimenting with AI and other high-performance workloads by offering a cost-effective option that makes it easier and faster for organizations to implement, iterate and experiment with high-performance workloads without overcommitting to resources that they won’t need or use. With ScaleCloud, we are offering the fastest, most flexible and most efficient CPU-based Cloud solution for AI, IoT and HPC workloads available on the market today.”

As part of the ScaleCloud offering, ScaleMatrix is introducing the industry’s first “processor age guarantee,” aimed at ensuring sustained performance and compatibility for emerging applications by refreshing the hardware every two years, giving customers the confidence that their hardware is providing out-of-the-box levels of processor performance for their applications. “Processor age is an important aspect of architecting a cloud solution at this level of computing,” explained Chris Orlando, CEO of ScaleMatrix. “In addition to the inevitable physics of processor performance degrading over time, as cutting-edge applications emerge, the age of processors and other hardware in cloud environments is often incompatible with the latest applications, leaving organizations pushing the cutting edge in a lurch. Additionally, aging processors are too often inefficient in their energy expenditure, creating concerns related to environmental values. With the advent of our hardware age guarantee, we are demonstrating leadership in our understanding of the needs of our cutting-edge client base, as well as a commitment to environmental protection and efficiency.”

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About ScaleMatrix:

ScaleMatrix delivers colocation, cloud, backup, disaster recovery, and professional support services from national variable-density data centers that leverage the future-proof Dynamic Density Control™ (DDC) cabinet platform. With power density and efficiency significantly impacting IT costs, these specialized data centers enable ScaleMatrix to deliver exceptionally priced, future-proofed colocation services and ultra-dense cloud hosting capabilities which provide valuable differentiation in today's ever-changing market. These data center and technology innovations provide clients with a competitive edge and scalable efficiency which helps grow their businesses. for more information.

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