New COE combines HPE’s industry-leading HPC Portfolio with ScaleMatrix’ High-Density Data Centers to deliver unprecedented capabilities.

San Diego, CA – November 13, 2018 – ScaleMatrix, the United States’ leading provider of variable density colocation services, which support the company’s high-performance cloud, data center, and professional service offerings, announced collaboration with HPE to launch a new Center of Excellence (COE) for hybrid HPC within ScaleMatrix’ data center headquarters in San Diego. HPE, the number one market leader in HPC1, is continuing to enable these efforts, bringing scalable hybrid cloud solutions for HPC, as it first did in 20172. With ScaleMatrix’ Dynamic Density Control™ (DDC) platform as the foundation for this new center in the U.S., the two organizations are pushing boundaries for power efficiency and density, while delivering better performance and more cost effective outcomes for some of the world’s most challenging compute requirements.

The relationship between ScaleMatrix and HPE began in 2017 when ScaleMatrix began exploring new platforms to support a refresh of its growing ScaleCloud hosting environment. ScaleMatrix later became an HPE Partner Ready Service Provider (PRSP) to support joint hybrid IT projects which required on-premise, colocated, and cloud-based resources delivered to exacting standards.

Through a combination of the powerful HPE Apollo product line, ScaleMatrix DDC™-enabled data centers, and the ScaleMatrix deploy-anywhere hybrid approach, ScaleMatrix and HPE are delivering unprecedented capabilities for enterprise clients facing challenges with performance, density, and traditional data center resource limitations.

HPE Center of Excellence (COE) for hybrid HPC will offer a highly-tuned, purpose-built HPC infrastructure, enabled by a vast range of data center capabilities of the ScaleMatrix DDC platform. The COE will serve as a test environment and sandbox for enterprise and HPC clients that want to gain an enhanced understanding of the platform’s capabilities, while also having access to hands-on resources as part of the program offering.

The environment consists of an extensive deployment of various Apollo hardware configurations, demonstrating flexibility and consisting of thousands of cores, and a rack level thermal density north of 50kW.

In addition to providing customers with access to an exceptional infrastructure platform, ScaleMatrix and HPE offer improved TCO and system performance with ultra-dense hardware deployments, enabled by DDC and Apollo. The DDC platform also provides precise airflow and temperature management for even the most demanding HPC deployments. By ensuring temperature variation across the processor, the chip is not forced to switch in and out of turbo mode due to thermal thresholds, and maintains a consistent level.

Participants that access the COE platform will benefit from exceptional performance, hardware and orchestration tools tuned for unique needs, and after successful testing of any particular workload or application, migrate the environment to a hosted platform within one of ScaleMatrix’ U.S. data centers, or to HPE hardware deployment for on-premise use.

Bill Mannel, vice president and general manager, HPC and AI, HPE: “We are innovating ways to address thermal density and power efficiency in the HPC data center to improve TCO and overall performance for our customers. We look forward to collaborating with ScaleMatrix to launch HPE’s first Center of Excellence (COE) for hybrid HPC in the U.S., integrating the HPE Apollo product family with ScaleMatrix’ platform, for comprehensive end-to-end HPC solutions from hardware to data center cost structures.”

Chris Orlando, CEO of ScaleMatrix, said “For nearly a decade, ScaleMatrix has focused on delivering the most flexible, future-proof, and capable data center platforms in the world. The launch of the Center of Excellence for hybrid HPC with HPE, underscores those efforts, and allows us to further demonstrate the impact that precisely managed, ultra-dense deployments can have on enterprise and HPC clients. DDC is the ideal platform for high-performance environments, and our ability to deliver these unique capabilities in one of our U.S. hosting sites, or on-premise at a client owned data center site, means that these advantages are available to anyone, in any geography. We greatly value our collaboration with HPE, and we look forward to jointly providing this exciting COE resource, and to helping end-users achieve more with every IT dollar they invest.”

To learn more about the unique capabilities delivered through the ScaleMatrix and HPE collaboration, please visit HPE’s blog post on hybrid cloud experiences.

About ScaleMatrix:

ScaleMatrix delivers colocation, cloud, backup, disaster recovery, and professional support from national high-density data centers that leverage the future-proof Dynamic Density Control™ (DDC) cabinet enclosure platform. With power density and efficiency significantly impacting IT costs, these specialized data centers enable ScaleMatrix to deliver competitively priced high-density colocation and high-performance cloud hosting which provide significant differentiation in today’s service provider market. By leveraging our innovation and technology, ScaleMatrix clients gain a competitive edge and can scale more efficiently as their business grows.
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