Brand focus, geographic expansion, infrastructure upgrades, and new technology partnerships support growing hybrid IT requirements.

San Diego, CA – November 08, 2018 – ScaleMatrix, the leading provider of variable and high-density colocation services, which are the foundation for the company’s high-performance cloud, data center, and professional support offerings, is announcing a number of organizational, business, and technology enhancements designed to meet a dramatic increase in demand over recent months. The organization sites advances in AI, IoT, 5G, and enterprise adoption of HPC as drivers for the increase in business opportunities.

To support this growth opportunity, ScaleMatrix is updating leadership roles and business structure to deliver better agility and focus for their highly differentiated portfolio of services. While this change was enacted earlier this year, Co-Founder Chris Orlando, has assumed the role of CEO of ScaleMatrix Holdings, which operates each of the business units for the organization. This shift was the first step in the company’s efforts to provide a distinction between their colocation, cloud, and services offering, branded as ScaleMatrix, and their burgeoning product business, Dynamic Density Control (DDC), which provides cutting-edge data center cabinet technology which leads the market in efficiency and density capabilities. Former CEO Mark Ortenzi will now dedicate his full attention to scaling the company’s product business unit, as Founder and CEO of the DDC brand.

“Solving the challenge of density in the data center has always been one of my passions. I’m elated to see demand reaching this level, and we want the market to know we are ready to help them get the most out of their hybrid IT investments, whether it’s in one of our data centers, in the cloud, or as part of a data center modernization effort, enabled by our DDC platform” said Mark Ortenzi, CEO of DDC.

In addition to executive and business unit changes, the company has begun augmenting sales, technical, finance, and legal staff, in addition to cabinet technology field teams to support growing demand across their product segments.

ScaleMatrix has enjoyed a dominant position in the high-performance data center space, but with opportunities for variable and high-density colocation, in addition to hybrid IT and HPC deployment growing nationally, ScaleMatrix has begun quietly establishing roots in a variety of key markets throughout the U.S. from which to offer their future-proof brand of colocation, high-performance cloud, and professional support services. The organization expects to announce at least three new data center locations, before the end of Q1 2019.

While staffing and geographic expansion are critical to supporting an increased sales pipeline, ScaleMatrix is also adding fuel to the fire with enhancements to its product portfolio and partner business.

The company’s ScaleCloud offering, which helped them garner hosting business from both Dell and NTT, is being enhanced with an impressive array of technology advancements, hardware age guarantees, and a variety of consumption and support models, giving the service an AWS like feel, while continuing to provide always-on professional support from U.S. based operations centers.

Looking to the future, ScaleMatrix has been on-boarded as a Partner-Ready-Service-Provider (PRSP) with HPE, and expects to make a number of exciting announcements related to that relationship shortly.

Chris Orlando, CEO of ScaleMatrix Holdings, said “It is an exciting time for our company, and our hosting and cabinet technology brands. Our clients are beginning to leverage the unique capabilities of our high-density data centers and performance cloud platforms, to deliver strategic advantages for their businesses. More and more of them are seeing the true value of future-proofing their IT investments, achieving business outcomes sooner through better performing infrastructure, and what embracing a cloud-supported hybrid strategy, with the right partner, can do for their business. The changes we are making at ScaleMatrix and DDC will ensure that we can continue to scale to meet these new demands, and the evolving needs of our ever-growing base of clients.”

About ScaleMatrix:
ScaleMatrix delivers variable-density colocation, high-performance cloud, data protection, and professional support services from specialized data centers which leverage the future-proof Dynamic Density Control™ (DDC) cabinet platform.  With rack density and power efficiency impacting overall IT costs, our next-generation data centers enable ScaleMatrix to deliver aggressively priced, highly differentiated services which help you compete in today’s crowded marketplace. Our clients gain a competitive advantage by leveraging our innovative technology platforms and services. Our goal is to help you scale your business, with cutting-edge facilities, scalable hosting platforms, and our always-on, 24/7/365 US-based client support which is always there when you need us.