Blazing Fast, Fault-Tolerant, Globally-Reaching Bandwidth

Is the lifeblood of any hosted service.  At ScaleMatrix, our clients have high-availability access to seven Tier 1 Internet backbones in addition to strategic peering relationships established at each of our data center facilities around the country.

Each Tier 1 provider maintains redundant and diverse connections to the ScaleMatrix Network.


Traffic Engineering

Client traffic benefits from route-optimization which leverages our national data center footprint and network entrance and egress points to get your packets to their destinations faster!

This cost-effective, high-performance service guarantees network availability and the responsiveness of your hosted services and applications.

Key Benefits
  • Blazing Fast Performance
  • Fault Tolerant Design
  • Excellent International Traffic Routes
  • Burstable Service Options
  • Strategic Peering Options
  • DDoS Mitigation Enabled
  • Internet2 (I2) Connectivity for Education Clients

Our Revolutionary Data Centers

ScaleMatrix operates proprietary, custom built, cloud-enabled data centers designed to deliver unrivaled density capabilities, industry leading power efficiency, and unmatched security. As one of the fastest growing U.S. based hybrid service providers, our US-West and US-South locations have each enjoyed rapid adoption in their respective markets. Two additional sites (US-North and US-East) are being developed to support additional geographies and client demand.

#1 Data Center

100GB National Bandwidth Network

1st to Launch Open-Air NOC

100% U.S Based Support Services - 24/7/365

Premium 100GB National Bandwidth Network