ScaleMatrix Guide to Green Efficiency

ScaleMatrix Data Centers are designed from the ground up with energy efficiency in mind.  With an average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.11 or lower, our facilities operate in the top 1% of data centers globally from both a power density and efficiency perspective.  These power savings methods means you are making the right choice for both your business, and the world around you, by hosting with ScaleMatrix.
Here’s how our cutting-edge data centers reduce resource demand and improve energy efficiency by staggering 30%!

green1 Closed Loop – Liquid Cooled!

While traditional data centers (even the most efficient of them) use cold air to manage thermal output from IT equipment, the ScaleMatrix revolutionary Dynamic Density ControlTM platform uses a closed loop water-cooled system to increase the efficiency of the heat abatement function.  Water is exponentially more effective than air at managing thermal abatement.

green2 Localized Heat Exchange!

Our system utilizes localized heat exchange at the cabinet level (instead of doing the exchange at the HVAC system level,) driving out more of the traditional inefficiencies at this stage.

green3 Focused Cooling Area!

While traditional data centers try to cool an entire aisle (cold aisle) or in some cases (legacy data centers) and entire room – ScaleMatrix only cools the few cubic feet of air at the front of each cabinet.  It’s a novel idea that delivers big results in the way of energy savings.

green4 Intelligent Resource Management!

With accurate data on the thermal output of every cabinet in our data centers being provided in real-time, our sophisticated software algorithms allow us to manage our UPS, Generators, Pumps, and Chillers – so that we only produce the resources needed by the data center, in real time.  The result of this intelligent management is nearly zero wasted resources.

Here’s How the Numbers Play Out!

It’s estimated that a traditional 10MW data center can have a carbon footprint between 5M and 150M kilograms of CO2.  With ScaleMatrix’ Dynamic Density Control™ Platform, we estimate an energy savings of about 30%.  

For each 10MW data center we operate, the savings could be between 1,500,000 – 45,000,000 kilograms of CO2!   

That’s what we call Green Efficiency.  


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