Understanding the Challenges of the Financial Sector

The financial sector faces technology challenges on a number of fronts. From the lightning fast requirements of a live trading floor, to the ever present threat of a data breach, delivering reliable and secure IT services in this industry has never been more challenging.


With success being measured in milli-seconds, ensuring network performance and availability is paramount.


With clients, investors, and the eyes of Wall Street focused on your business, ensuring regulatory compliance is a top priority.


Serving the needs of the financial sector means you are immediately in the cross hairs of those with less than honorable intentions.


Financial modeling and algorithmic computing can impose density challenges on legacy data center infrastructure.

Financial Sector Benefits with ScaleMatrix

Next Generation Network Capabilities Next Generation Network Capabilities

In addition to our blazing fast, nationwide network and performance-optimize bandwidth services, ScaleMatrix offers dynamic capacity and peering solutions which ensure the fastest, most secure connectivity available anywhere. 

Stringent Regulatory Compliance Stringent Regulatory Compliance

ScaleMatrix data centers meet and exceed even the most stringent of regulatory guidelines. From biometric identity control to armed security guards, our facilities set the bar for highly secure and compliant facilities.

Managed Security Services Managed Security Services

Our security and managed service offerings can help provide peace-of-mind for even the most security focused organization. We use two-factor authentication (2FA) for our client portal access, and that’s just the beginning.

High Density Colocation High Density Colocation

ScaleMatrix platforms can help ensure you have plenty of runway ahead of you. From 78kW colocation cabinets to improved cost structure for data center power, we can help service your needs today and tomorrow.


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