Understanding the Challenges of the Education Industry

Addressing the needs of thousands of students and the educational framework which supports them is no walk in the park. Mounting costs, stringent uptime requirements, and rapidly changing technologies are just a few of the daily concerns facing educational IT departments.

Reliance on Uptime & Performance

Serving vast amounts of content to thousands of students means the focus on uptime and performance is higher than ever.

Budgets & Cost

Budget availability in this sector sometimes varies on a year-to-year basis. The pressure to do more with less continues to increase.

Growing Bandwidth & Network Needs

Digital classroom and VDI deployments consume a tremendous amount of connectivity and network resources.

Broad Use Case

Short of the invention of a silver bullet - educational IT departments will continue to knit a patchwork of technologies together to service the demands of their students and the business.

Education Sector Benefits with ScaleMatrix

Highest Operating Standards Highest Operating Standards

Industry recognized cloud service and high-density colocation platforms enable the extreme performance and uptime metrics required by our education clients. 

Flexible Cost & Consumption Models Flexible Cost & Consumption Models

With flexible CAPEX and OPEX spending models, and service portability solutions baked in, ScaleMatrix provides both flexibility and budget control.

Comprehensive Hybrid Service Catalog Comprehensive Hybrid Service Catalog

With access to cloud, colocation, and managed services offers all under a single umbrella, ScaleMatrix can be a one-stop-shop for education clients of any size.

Massive Connectivity Options Massive Connectivity Options

ScaleMatrix 100GB bandwidth network, dynamic capacity solutions, and access to the federally funded I2 network make us the ideal partner for the education sector.


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