Understanding the Needs of Our Energy Clients

While computational and analytic technologies used to support energy research continue to advance at an exponential pace, data centers themselves have remained widely unchanged for decades. Finding cost-effective hosting for HPC clusters along with knowledgeable partners who understand these unique requirements can be difficult and time consuming.

Density & Efficiency

HPC and GPU hosting platforms can require considerable amounts of energy, posing challenges for some resource constrained on premise data centers. With newer hardware pushing 25kW – 35kW in a single rack enclosure, challenges exist from a both a cooling and power availability perspective.


The analytics and research requirements which drive the energy industry require significant compute and storage resources, all of which is highly network dependent. Low cost fiber availability and geographic location are both key considerations for anyone considering a data center partner in the energy space.

Data Management

Geophysical research and analytics produce large amount of data which needs to be reviewed, migrated, and managed. Managing multi-petabyte storage platforms or even keeping up with power and space requirements to house these platforms can be a challenge.

IT Services Visibility

Closely managing colocation and cloud resources in order to get the most out of your IT investment can be tricky, especially when using multiple services providers, who are sometimes located in different parts of the country.

Energy Sector Benefits with ScaleMatrix

78kW Colocation and Energy Efficiency 78kW Colocation and Energy Efficiency

ScaleMatrix’s Dynamic Density Control™ platform provides unmatched density support for any HPC colocation need. In addition, the overall efficiency of this platform enables us to offer the most competitive costs for power within a local region.

Home to the Energy Corridor Home to the Energy Corridor

Our US-South data center is located in Katy, Texas (West of Houston), an ideal location directly on the energy corridor, and outside many of downtown Houston's environmental concerns (hurricanes and flooding).

Scalable Storage Offerings Scalable Storage Offerings

ScaleMatrix provides multi-petabyte file and object storage platforms which provide excellent performance and competitive costs, not to mention extreme scalability.

ScalePanel Smart Client Portal ScalePanel Smart Client Portal

Clients benefit from industry leading transparency around resource utilization, power consumption, cooling resources, and inventory control.


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