Understanding the Challenges of Our Government Clients

Safeguarding the IT operations of those who serve the public sector has never been easy. With increased demand driving data center capacity concerns, and data storage needs testing the scope of even the largest service platforms, local government and federal agencies are always on the lookout for ways to address their growing IT service challenges.

Regulatory Compliance

Governed by a number of specific compliance mandates, government clients must select only the most qualified of hybrid service providers.

Physical Security

Physical security standards for public sectors clients go beyond ID cards and perimeter security. Finding partners who go the extra mile to meet these requirements can be a challenge.

Protected Communications

In addition to physical security, government and public sector clients often require private, direct networking connectivity between their secured intranets and their hosting party sites.

Access Verification & Logging

Beyond building access controls, requirements for logging and long term retention of data related to building and digital asset access are part and parcel to FedRamp and FISMA standards.

Government Benefits with ScaleMatrix

Audited Compliance & Cyber Security Audited Compliance & Cyber Security

ScaleMatrix data centers are designed to meet the privacy and security controls required for both FedRAMP and FISMA standards. ScaleMatrix helps clients seek compliance certification by meeting these strict standards and  and provides the necessary infrastructure-related controls information via our SOC 2, Type II reports for all client who require them.

Advanced Security Posture Advanced Security Posture

Each ScaleMatrix data center is protected by 24/7/365 armed security services. In addition, two factor authentication is used at every entrance and egress point, as well as all inter-facility access doors. With the highest camera to square footage rating in the industry, and multi-year retention policies for all security footage, we set the bar for physical security standards.

Direct Connects and Dynamic Capacity Direct Connects and Dynamic Capacity

ScaleMatrix clients benefit from extensive network service options, and our ability to rapidly deploy private circuits via national peering networks to help our clients stay ahead of changing connectivity requirements.

Biometric Identity Verification & Logging Biometric Identity Verification & Logging

In addition to stringent facility security standards, ScaleMatrix deploys biometric identity verification within every equipment cabinet which is deployed. From managed infrastructure to colocation cabinets, we maintain biometric records for every human that ever has access to an equipment area, indefinitely.


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