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Our Team… Designed To Be An Extension of Yours

ScaleMatrix is a Hybrid Service Provider delivering an array of cloud, colocation, managed services, data protection and connectivity options under one manageable umbrella.  As developers of ground-breaking data center efficiency technology, the company offers a cutting edge product catalog and white-glove concierge type services at market prices which benefit from these proprietary cost-saving innovations.  With a focus on helping clients choose the right platform and performance criteria for a variety of IT workloads, ScaleMatrix aims to be a one-stop shop for those looking to simply and reliably manage development, production, and disaster recovery workloads with a single partner. 

Our teams consist of dedicated and talented individuals who thrive in challenging and fast paced environments.   With years of experience at our disposal and a spirit of innovation at our backs, ScaleMatrix leverages uncommon capabilities to ensure the best technology outcomes for our ever growing base of clients.

Chris leads the company's commercial and strategic efforts around sales, marketing, client engagement, and products. Prior to ScaleMatrix, Chris served as president of the Complex Drive Data Center Group for four years, and held a number of key leadership positions within the hosting and colocation industry.

Chris Orlando

CEO & Co-Founder

Emily is responsible for accounting, finance, and a number of key business support functions at ScaleMatrix. She enjoys driving process and operational efficiency through cross departmental collaboration. Her previous endeavors included efforts to originate and securitize over $2.4B in loans in the educational finance industry.

Emily Stebing

Managing Member

Kim Edwards

CFO (Interim)

Brent Beverly

VP of Technology Operations

Stephanie Mansolino

VP of Marketing

Jim Maddox

Director of Sales

Rebecca Montee

Director, Compliance Services

Doug Owens

Director of Support Services

Doug Ridgway

Director, Critical Power Infrastructure, Master Electrician

Anh Pham

Director of Development

Jeremy Netzley

Lead Facilities Electrician

Linnette Hollman

Manager, Storage Platforms

Dan Scott

Head of Security Team


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