Understanding the Challenges of the High-Performance Computing Industry

Whether you’re fighting physical data center resource constraints, or challenged by the need to meet escalating timeframes for a critical project, rest assured - you’re not alone. ScaleMatrix colocation and high-performance cloud services were specifically designed with you in mind.

Aging or Constrained Data Center Resources

HPC deployments require increased power and cooling resources, some of which are outside the scope of a traditional data center’s capabilities. With HPC deployments averaging between 10kW - 30kW, finding the right home, at the right price, can be daunting.

Balancing Performance & Cost

Balancing NGS processing, analytics, and sequencing workloads on a budget isn’t easy. Finding the right balance between performance and cost can be a challenge.

Capacity Planning & Availability

Rapidly changing business needs make forecasting capacity demand and resource availability difficult on a good day. HPC workloads require tremendous network and connectivity resources which can tax existing infrastructure.

High - Performance Computing Benefits with ScaleMatrix

HPC Hosting Meccas HPC Hosting Meccas

Purpose-built data centers are designed to support HPC deployments. Each cabinet supports up to 52kW of cooling and power resources.

No Specialized Cooling System Required No Specialized Cooling System Required

Platform supports the use of any standard rack-mountable hardware. No need for complex water-cooled, or highly customized compute equipment.

Power, Bandwidth, and Network Availability Power, Bandwidth, and Network Availability

Built to scale, ScaleMatrix facilities provide nearly limitless power, bandwidth, and network availability on demand.

Ideal Environment for HPC Ideal Environment for HPC

Extensively used by GPU, HPC, and Bitcoin clients - ScaleMatrix data centers set the bar for High-Performance Compute hosting.

High Performance Cloud Platforms High Performance Cloud Platforms

With scalable compute, memory, and storage platforms at your fingertips, ScaleMatrix can provide rapid access to high-performance cloud resources.

Hybrid Service Offering Means Unlimited Flexibility Hybrid Service Offering Means Unlimited Flexibility

Combine colocated HPC hardware with cloud, bandwidth, and storage services - all under a single umbrella. Unlike other cloud providers, we welcome clients into our facilities, with proper ID and credentials, to support initial data seeding, or just to see where your services live.

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