Whether you simply need a trusted partner to use when infrastructure requirements arise, or if you are looking to resell a variety of hosting, cloud, and data protection services to your customer based; ScaleMatrix has a program built for you.   

Our broad hybrid service offerings attract a range of partners from regional MSP’s to global technology leaders like Dell who co-brand our highly-technical and surgical capabilities as part of their own service catalog.


Referral Programs

We consider a simple referral, in any form, the most sincere compliment which can be paid to us here at ScaleMatrix.  Our sales and channel teams have straight forward referral programs which can be used to help show our gratitude for this level of partnering. 

Agent Programs

Our agent programs provide a more structured model in which MSP’s, VAR’s and partners can build recurrent revenue streams through their relationship with ScaleMatrix.  More strategic in nature, our agent programs are flexible enough to support a number of options based on the partner’s desired level of sales, engineering and/or support participation. 

Reseller Programs

Able to support both branded and white-labeled resale models, a portion of our success at ScaleMatrix is due to the focus and support we direct towards our strategic channel partners.   While some leverage the innovative branding value ScaleMatrix brings to any engagement, others benefits from our ability to play a silent but capable partners providing services and support under a partners flag. 

Channel Program Benefits

Hybrid Service Catalog Hybrid Service Catalog

With a broad and capable service offering, ScaleMatrix negates the need to forge multiple hosting relationships, each of which requires an investment of time and overhead. With industry leading colocation services, a variety of cloud hosting choices (private, public, IaaS), plus data protection and connectivity solutions at the ready – we’re a partner you can count on in a number of different scenarios.

High-Quality, Performance Focused Products High-Quality, Performance Focused Products

Our colocation services provide density and security capabilities which are in a class of their own. Cloud services are designed from the ground up to make performance a key source of differentiation. At ScaleMatrix, we endeavor to provide tools and services which help our partners stand out from the crowd and close more deals.

Comprehensive Coverage - Sales Comprehensive Coverage - Sales, Engineering, Support

While each tier of our channel programs are designed to support varying levels of partner participation, ScaleMatrix brings tremendous resources to the table which can help ensure successful sales, engineering, and support engagements during both the pre-sales and post-sales process.

A Focus on Partner Success A Focus on Partner Success

ScaleMatrix’ focus on the success of our partners is evidenced by the significant and longstanding relationship we have built and maintained to this day. Having designed successful channel programs which enable cloud and hosting services for some of the world’s largest technology providers, ScaleMatrix partner support can scale from one-on-one engagements to national training programs for sales organizations 5000 members strong.

Not Too Big. Not Too Small Not Too Big. Not Too Small. Just the Right Size.

At ScaleMatrix, we leverage our size to our mutual advantage. While some channel programs and technology partners are mired in red tape and complicated processes, ScaleMatrix’ focus is on channel harmony, easy engagement, and getting more deals done – everyday.

We Can Help You Earn More! We Can Help You Earn More!

As an experienced, facilities-based provider of infrastructure services, operating some of the most efficient data centers in the country - ScaleMatrix is uniquely equipped to ensure the value of the services we provide. By driving down the cost of data center services, from power usage and the efficient use of data center space, we benefit from significant energy and space savings which help us maintain an extremely competitive pricing edge.

Join our Channel Program

Our goal is to provide the right products, support, and pricing to ensure the success of our channel partner. We would love to explore an opportunity with you organization. Please connect with us below and we will be in touch.

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