Understanding the Challenges of the Life Sciences & Healthcare Industry

From budget constraints to simply staying ahead of increasing demand, ScaleMatrix service offerings are designed to provide scalable and compliance solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Regulatory Compliance

Concerns around data privacy, data security, and adjusting to ever changing regulatory guidelines requires significant financial and human capital investment.

Capacity & Scalability

With the rapid pace of change in the technology industry, keeping up with expanding data sets and increasing compute workloads is a constant effort.


Genome sequencing, EMR management and data modeling are driving workload requirements past the performance thresholds of the traditional server and storage models.

Data Center Constraints

Increasing demands for power, cooling, space, compute, and storage require new ways to service the business needs.

Future Planning & Flexibility

Forecasting demand can be tricky and mistakes can be expensive. Changes in business direction and demand highlight the need for more flexibility and agility.

Cost, Budgets & Competition

While budgets are rarely a problem-free area, increased competition means every business is working to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Life Science & Healthcare Benefits with ScaleMatrix

Compliance Support Compliance Support

Today, ScaleMatrix compliance teams help support clients with HIPAA & FDA Title 21-Part 11 requirements, who are hosted within our colocation, private cloud, and public cloud environments. In addition, we can execute a BAA as needed for specific deployments.

Service Provider Class Scalability Service Provider Class Scalability

Multiple data centers, petabytes of storage, and thousands of cloud compute nodes provide significant flexibility and rapid support for nearly any requirement.

Industry Leading Performance Industry Leading Performance

Top rated data centers, performance-tuned cloud services, and the ability to choose from a broad hybrid service catalog allows us to design solutions with optimal performance characteristics.

Industry Leading Data Center Industry Leading Data Centers

With data center power, storage, and network resources being taxed, ScaleMatrix can help develop a hybrid resource strategy to help address nearly any concern.

Flexibility & Knowledge Flexibility & Knowledge

ScaleMatrix teams have the benefit of helping clients just like you solve similar problems every day. In addition, our flexible agreement terms are designed to provide maximum flexibility.

Cost Effective & Cutting Edge Cost Effective & Cutting Edge

Our innovative data center design and massive scale help drive down the cost of our services. Mix and match solutions to meet your specific performance and budget requirements, while ensuring regulatory compliance along the way.

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