ScaleStor Object and File/Block (SAN) platforms are built to service provider standards and offer a variety of geographic redundancy, data durability, and pricing options to suit any business requirement.

Data resides in secure, highly audited, cloud-enabled ScaleMatrix data centers throughout the U.S. Unlike other cloud storage services, ScaleStor clients benefit from having physical access to these sites for large scale data ingest or export, or to support facility visits with key clients, vendors, or regulatory bodies.

Object Storage

100% S3 & NFS Compatible

  • No in/out data transfer fees
  • 100% S3 Compatible
  • Extremely cost effective for large data sets
  • Highly scalable, on-demand capacity
  • Single or multi-copy/geography support


  • API / HTTP driven content calls
  • Data managed as objects
  • Image, photo, video storage - CDN
  • Data analytics or big data sets

Performance Storage

File (NFS and SMB) / Block (FC and iSCSI)

  • Flexible performance profiles
  • Highly scalable, on-demand capacity
  • Extreme data durability and protection
  • Performance tiers allow for cost control
  • Buy only what you need, expand on demand
  • Reduces hardware spend and IT overhead
  • Geographically dispersed, SAN-SAN replication
File/Block Storage

Encryption at Rest for Performance Storage with ScaleStor

ScaleStor SAN access is delivered in three different IOP Performance tiers for Copper or Fiber Networks.

Encryption at Rest Explained
  • ScaleStor allows for hardware-level encryption
  • Includes multiple tools such as replication, deduplication, and others
  • No OS overhead to encrypt the data
  • Firmware protection for the hard drive
  • Instant and secure erasing technology that allows devices to be retired with minimal risk of data misuse
  • Encryption post compression




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