Understanding the Needs of our Entertainment & Media Clients

With varying performance profiles and significant data management and network capacity requirements for each new project, the task of supporting this complex and dynamic industry is not getting any easier.

Data Storage

With some video and analytics services generating petabytes of data on a regular basis, clients are looking to services providers to help provide more scalable and dynamic solutions.


Global content campaigns and raw video filming technologies are driving data and connectivity needs to extreme levels.

Performance (HPC)

Rendering platforms and media analytics services push the boundaries of standard compute services and traditional data center design.

Moving Targets

Changing requirements can be costly, especially when investment in IT infrastructure is part of the equation.

Entertainment & Media Benefits with ScaleMatrix

Big Bandwidth and Dynamic Peering Solutions Big Bandwidth and Dynamic Peering Solutions

ScaleMatrix supports clients with 1GB, 10GB and 100GB fiber wavelength services, as well as dynamic peering connections when the need arises.

Performance Cloud & High Density Colocation Performance Cloud & High Density Colocation

Our custom-built data centers offer unmatched support for high-performance and high-density compute platforms. Our efficient design not only provides an ideal environment for these projects, but does so with extreme cost efficiency.

Scalable File and Object Storage Platforms Scalable File and Object Storage Platforms

From cloud storage and offsite file retention, to multi-petabyte file and object storage platforms, trust your data management needs to the secure and cost-effective solutions at ScaleMatrix. 

Service Portability Options Service Portability Options

Don’t be tied down to any one solution. With ScaleMatrix Service Portability, choose and flex between service platforms to solve for your ever-changing business needs.


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