Understand the Challenges of the Technology Industry

As experts in their fields, technology focused companies face considerable scrutiny from their clients every day. In their eyes, issues with scalability, delivery, and uptime should be second nature. Choosing ScaleMatrix as a partner can help make sure your organization is ready for the challenge.


From hosting the next big app to deploying ERP platforms for your growing business, uptime in this internet-enabled world is more important than ever.


New project and ever changing needs make having the ability to scale on-demand a requirement in today’s world.


More and more organizations are becoming the target of hackers and denial-of-service attacks. Staying ahead of the threat can be a daunting challenge.

Resource Management

Balancing data center, hosting, and support needs in a dynamic environment can be a full time job. Managing a variety of different partners can add to the confusion.

Future Proofing

Planning for growth and keeping up with changes in technology can complicate forecasting and availability planning.

Geographic Location

The critical nature of hosted services make the need for multiple availability zones and geographic diversity a requirement. Unfortunately, solving for this need can still be a complex challenge.

Technology Industry Benefits with ScaleMatrix

Industry Leading Uptime Industry Leading Uptime

ScaleMatrix data centers and cloud platforms deliver rock-solid uptime for hassle free hosting of your enterprise services.

Scalable Platforms & Uncommon Flexibility Scalable Platforms & Uncommon Flexibility

Leverage multi-region cloud platforms and high-density colocation facilities to support any requirement, large or small. Flexible usage policies mean you have access to the right services when you need them.

Managed Security & Compliance Services Managed Security & Compliance Services

Combine next-generation firewalls and managed IDS/IPS services to help protect your digital empire. No reason to go it alone, our teams can even help support annual compliance audits, should the need arise. 

Hybrid Services Provide Uncommon Flexibility Hybrid Services Provide Uncommon Flexibility

Our data center, cloud, and nationwide network reach mean we can customize solutions on-demand. Flex between services as needed to support your changing business needs.

Technology Future Proofing Technology Future Proofing

Our cutting edge data centers provide support for any technology platform available today, and with industry leading density and cooling capabilities, we’re better prepared to support developing technologies than anyone else. 

Nationwide Availability Nationwide Availability

Our US-West and US-South facilities are soon to joined by locations in the north & east. With inter-data center connectivity options and complete service catalog availability in each region, applications and BC/DR solutions can be deployed wherever they are needed. 


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