Network Security Overview

ScaleMatrix engineers take network security and reliability extremely seriously, as our bandwidth and connectivity services are the lifeblood of our hosted services.  By combining capacity design, fault-tolerant load handling, and cutting edge security services,  ScaleMatrix is able to provide seamless, reliable IP services network wide.

Comprehensive Threat Management & DDoS Protection

Large scale DDoS attacks have the potential to affect not only the intended victim, but also other unfortunate clients who use the same shared network service. ScaleMatrix engineers have the ability to detect and surgically remove attack traffic while maintaining legitimate IP traffic.  Our solution utilizes the most proven and effective protection from DDoS attacks, including comprehensive protection for dual stack IPv4/IPv6 infrastructure.

Application-Layer Intelligence and Protection

ScaleMatrix utilizes flow analysis for enhanced network visibility.  This provides the application-layer intelligence we need to secure and support critical business applications such as voice, video, data, messaging, and file sharing.  

ScaleMatrix engineers are able to profile application network behavior, detect and report on application traffic which may fall outside of standard usage patterns.  ScaleMatrix also offers application-layer performance monitoring, attack detection and surgical mitigation for protecting and optimizing the availability of critical IP services such as DNS, HTTP or VoIP.  

We combine pervasive, cost-effective visibility with deep application insight and analysis of critical network traffic, services and applications to ensure our clients have rock-solid performance across the ScaleMatrix network.

Intelligent Traffic Engineering

We model traffic from across the entire network, enabling network engineers to make informed decisions about changes to routing, transit, and upstream connectivity services. This visibility dramatically improves traffic engineering and capacity planning by correlating topology information with real-time and historic traffic data.  

  • Service Provider Class DDoS Protection
  • IP Service Security & Reliability
  • Better Network and Application Performance