The efforts for cities to be a Smart City are becoming more of a priority, including our city of San Diego where the ScaleMatrix Data Center flagship location is. According to the City of San Diego, their Smart City objective is to improve the region's energy independence, to empower consumers to use electric vehicles, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to encourage economic growth. As cities manage projects to achieve these objectives, engineers will have to think about where the massive amounts of data need to be stored and used in an efficient way that supports the Smart City objective. 

ScaleMatrix was described in A Cool(ing) Company article as a “data center powerhouse [for] AEC firms that will face data management issues caused by the mainstream implementation of AI and machine learning,” writes Richard Massey, the author of the article. “In a nutshell, data growth leads to compute and density increases – more processors – which leads to more power outputs, and thus increased heat, which leads to heightened cooling requirements.”

Our U.S.-based DDC enabled data centers can host any hardware from 1kW-52kW, with availability across all regions in just days. DDC is our Dynamic Density Control cabinet technology including the S-Series cabinets in our data centers and R-Series enclosures which can be deployed to help support demand in existing data centers or in the field where resources constraints might exist. Our cutting-edge data centers with the technology of DDC reduces resource demand and improves energy efficiency by 30%!

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-Stephanie Mansolino, VP of Marketing, ScaleMatrix

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