In 2019, we set out to create the most powerful and responsive Virtual Desktop solution imaginable using the muscle of our performance-tuned ScaleCloud Enterprise infrastructure, which employs powerful Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8280M Processors, providing unmatched performance and user-experience for remote workplace users. Little did we know how timely our offering would be as our March launch date approached.    

Given the headlines of the day, we are now living in a world where the ability to work remotely has become a mission-critical priority for many businesses. As with any technology decision, there is much to consider for IT managers trying to navigate their options. Performance and security are two of the biggest concerns for organizations as they consider a Virtual Desktop or Remote Access solution, but it doesn’t stop there. Supporting disparate device platforms has the potential to increase security risks while overloading IT departments with additional support duties, and also, traditional “remote” solutions face the age-old challenge of delivering the right user experience for various enterprise personas. Not every user is the same, and we all know the impact slow or underpowered solutions can cause.    

To address these challenges, ScaleMatrix released ScaleDesktop - perhaps the most powerful, flexible, and secure VDI platform available on the market today. Engineered from the ground up, this fully managed virtual desktop solution enables an organization’s internal and remote users to access IT resources and productivity solutions on virtually any device, securely, while providing a seamless Windows Enterprise experience with better control, security, and performance than any other solution on the market. Companies can completely customize remote desktop accounts based on department roles and user needs. After locking in a golden image of the needed desktop environments, providing workers with a secure, reliable, and responsive desktop environment is push-button simple. IT leaders can support traditional and remote users enterprise-wide, as the solution scales easily to meet the demands of any size organization.  

With legacy remote desktop solutions, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, and other VPN technologies—the additional workload and ensuring a balance between user experience and corporate security, data protection, and usability can create tremendous overhead for existing IT departments. ScaleDesktop was designed to alleviate those concerns, as the offering is supported by ScaleMatrix 24/7/365 professional support organization. With multiple U.S. based operations centers across the nation, ScaleDesktop includes managed onboarding and a variety of ongoing user support options to help match costs with your businesses' particular needs. The white-glove service and support options can be customized as you see fit with the ScaleDesktop Gold package, including live support options Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm nationwide, or the Platinum package which includes access to these resources 24/7/365.

While security, IT overhead, and cost are all critical components to any Remote Desktop decision, your user's experience, i.e. performance - is one of the most critical factors to ensuring the success of your rollout. ScaleDesktop was designed specifically to deliver unmatched user performance, from standard productivity users to high-demand power users. The underlying hardware, software, and networking capabilities of this platform ensure lightning-fast responsiveness and exceptional application performance. With ScaleMatrix’ nationwide network of cutting-edge data centers as the foundation for the service, users can originate instances from a variety of locations, based on their geographic needs. 

In addition, cutting edge compression and encapsulation technology is used to further enhance the user experience, even when network congestion or bandwidth availability is not the best. In the past, remote users were highly dependent on dedicated, high capacity internet access for VDI solutions to work correctly, and without the dreaded jitter that so many solutions have not been able to overcome, but with ScaleDesktop, reliable, responsive access to all of your critical IT resources is available on any device, anywhere an internet connection exists!  

Pricing starts at $63/per user for a 100 seat package. Small business packages include as few as 5 seats and can be deployed within 24 hours.


Remote workforces are a wave of the future - if not the present. Already, more than 26 million Americans - about 16% of the total workforce - are working remotely according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These numbers have been steadily increasing and look to continue to explode as business leaders start to acutely understand the flexibility such arrangements give their organizations during periods of times like what we are experiencing now, where the ability to reliably telework becomes mission-critical.

We are very proud of the power and flexibility we can offer our customers with ScaleDesktop. If you would like to learn more, visit the ScaleDesktop landing page, or give us a call at 888-349-9994.

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