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A Joint Solution to Improve Artificial Intelligence Workload Performance

Overcome technical barriers and challenges in adopting Artificial Intelligence with ScaleMatrix’ AI & HPC Cloud Service built on Intel’s Scalable Systems Framework. ScaleMatrix' high-density data centers and cloud delivery capabilities with Intel’s latest processor technology are offering a composable cloud-based solution for Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning workloads. 


  • Faster Delivery Times:
    Take advantage of huge performance increases and faster access to data, along with ScaleMatrix’ high-bandwidth, low latency infrastructure. 
  • Scalability:
    The widest range of key workloads are supported with diverse configurations to match demand requirements.
  • Ease of Use, Manageability and Security:
    ScaleMatrix’ cloud-based solution reduces the complexity of an HPC system with ease-of-use capabilities and enhanced security with Intel® Xeon Scalable processor.
  • Economical:
    With our efficient data centers and cloud-based delivery model, we ensure market-leading pricing and lowered total cost of ownership.
  • Technologies Highlighted:
    Intel® Xeon and Xeon Phi processors, Intel® Arria FPGA, Intel® SSDs, and Intel® Omni-Path Architecture.

Complete the form to tell us about your workloads and we will provide you details of the PoC.

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Take advantage and inquire about our Proof of Concept that is unique to your requirements as we will compose your stack with building blocks of compute that will optimize and increase efficiency and scale of your applications. You can easily migrate to a production platform upon successful completion of your POC.
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