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ScaleAssure™   Overview

Natural disasters, equipment failures, and other catastrophic events can happen anytime, anywhere, and to any business. Can your business survive a loss of critical application or client data?

With data sets for every business growing at an exponential rate, managing data archival, backup, and disaster recovery is more important than ever. Don’t take chances—ScaleAssure™ offers a number of industry leading archival, backup, and disaster recovery services to ensure the security of your business data, anywhere, anytime!

Choose from a flexible suite of archival, backup, and managed disaster recovery services designed to support any business need or budget requirement. Learn more about our Veeam powered backup and replication plus Cloud Connect by going to

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Cloud Archival & Replication

Ideal for offsite cloud backups to meet compliance, retention policies, and your business goals. Preserve the integrity of your data by copying your in-house backups to one of our various cloud storage platforms. This cost effective storage solution has no IN/OUT data transfer fees.

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The self-service portal makes instant file-restore a snap. This solution is ideal to support multiple office locations with a single cloud repository. Supports both VMware and/or Microsoft Hyper-V, based on your business needs. No physical appliance or additional equipment investment necessary.

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Managed Cloud Disaster Recovery

This white-glove, feature-rich DR solution provides near real-time data replication if an event were to occur. Flexible RTO/RPO options are available to support your specific needs and budgets. To give you peace-of-mind and confidence, ScaleMatrix offers annual DR fail-over testing.

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With ScaleAssure, our team is here for you!

We are happy to help you determine what data protection services are right for your business based on RPO/RTO requirements, data retrieval needs, size of your environment, and overall budget.  It’s as easy as requesting a quote or a call from our data protection specialists.


Benefits of ScaleAssure™ for Virtualized Environments

247 One-Call Support Guaranteed

Our U.S.-based support teams provide live phone support for every client request. We go above and beyond to provide white glove support 24/7/365. We’re here whenever you need us.

Highly Secure Highly Secure

ScaleMatrix has the highest standards for security. Data integrity and confidentiality are ensured through physical, technical, and administrative security controls.

Offsite Backups Offsite Backups

Geographically dispersed world-class data centers that support HIPAA, PCI, and Title 21 Part 11++ requirements. 

Flexible Cost Model Flexible Cost Model

Our flexible cost model enables you to select a backup or disaster recovery solution that meets your budget. Let’s work together to find the right product at the right price for your data backup.