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ScaleCloud Performance Cloud Hosting

Performance is the new benchmark of success in the cloud.  With ScaleCloud Performance Cloud Hosting from ScaleMatrix, your applications and hosted services will enjoy guaranteed performance without fear of resource contention.  If it has to perform, it has to be ScaleCloud.

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ScaleCloud is a performance-based, distributed cloud platform ideal for supporting production cloud workloads. Resource availability is 100% guaranteed and provides you with the optimal performance for your critical applications.

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  • Provisioning Timeframes
  • IT Workloads / Resources
  • Budget Constraints
  • Aging Infrastructure
  • Flexible Capacity Envelope
  • Variable CPU/RAM Ratio
  • Storage Performance Tiers
  • Multiple Availability Zones
  • Performance Application Hosting
  • Virtual Private Data Center
  • Extension of IT Platform
  • Replacement of Legacy IT Equipment
  • Extreme Performance
  • Resize VMs on the Fly
  • Reliable Uptime & Fault Tolerance
  • White-Glove Support 24/7/365

Better Service, Support, and Availability with Optimal Performance

Clients Report 3.5X – 5.8X Performance Enhancement Over Traditional Hyperscale Cloud Platforms.

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Benefits of ScaleCloud Performance Cloud Hosting

Performance Performance

Experience the difference! With reserved Compute and RAM resources dedicated to your deployment, and high performance cloud storage options at the ready, ScaleCloud is the ideal platform for demanding production workloads that just have to work.

Availability & Uptime Availability & Uptime

Built-in availability services address system issues or virtual machine failures automatically. Instances re-spawn onto alternate cloud nodes without the need for manual intervention.

Control Control

With a variety of storage performance choices, premium bandwidth, security services, and networking options – you have complete control over your hosted cloud environment. Build the cloud as you see fit to address the specific demands of your business.

Cost Cost

ScaleCloud Performance Cloud Hosting actually costs you less. Other cloud providers require additional resources and special configurations to enable failover or to achieve the performance you need. With ScaleCloud, it’s all built in.

ScaleCloud Delivers Top Performance By Utilizing Industry Leading Enterprise-Class Infrastructure