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Understanding the Needs of Our Retail Clients

Fierce competition for hundreds of thousands of consumers raises the bar for operations and the new for dynamic, scalable, and secure IT solutions.

Data Breach & Security

With hackers targeting everything from websites to credit card swipers, vigilance is not an option, it’s a requirement.

Varying Demand Cycles

With spending and consumer usage driven by holidays and super sale events, the need for dynamic resources has never been greater.

Client Experience

In a world where instant gratification is the standard, delivering the right in-store and online experience can make or break successful retail operations.


With competition increasing at both the boutique and hyper-scale retail levels, an increased focus on cost management is an absolute necessity.

Retail Benefits with ScaleMatrix

PCI Compliance and Managed Security PCI Compliance and Managed Security

From supporting successful PCI audits to helping deploy managed threat and security services to protect a myriad of hybrid services, ScaleMatrix can help take the complexity out of your security needs.

Scalable Compute, Storage, and Network Scalable Compute, Storage, and Network

With expansive compute and storage services spanning a number of highly secure data center locations, and dynamic bandwidth and connectivity options built to service scaling demand; building flexible and cost-effective hosting solutions for retail is our business.

Integrated Service Offering Integrated Service Offering

With seamless cloud, colocation, data protection, and networking services. ScaleMatrix can help ensure the premium performance and minimal overhead for retail IT systems.

Scalable Hybrid Service Options Scalable Hybrid Service Options

ScaleMatrix clients can choose from a variety of compute and storage platforms which help balance performance requirements and budget constraints. By placing the right workload on the right platforms, clients can drive down the cost of IT hosting services.


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