ScaleMatrix high-density Data Centers simplify and excel AI initiatives for NVIDIA DGX systems

Chris Orlando, CEO of ScaleMatrix | January 30, 2019

NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center program partners with ScaleMatrix

When you talk about exponential computational power, most conversations include NVIDIA, and their industry-leading family of GPU-related technology. When you talk about variable and high-density data center hosting and colocation, ScaleMatrix and their DDC™ enabled data centers are similarly synonymous.

This week, NVIDIA announced their DGX-Ready Data Center program aimed at relieving some of the challenges which accompany the deployment of high-density computing infrastructure in the data center. The program pairs NVIDIA clients looking to deploy DGX-1 and DGX-2 systems with data center partners who can support both the power and heat loads, between 30kW – 50kW today, as well as the cooling and airflow (CFM) requirements for these impressive server lines.

NVIDIA DGX Systems contain the power and performance to replace many times their number in traditional server hardware, but packaging all of that horsepower into a smaller form factor presents challenges for some enterprise data centers, which is precisely why the DGX-Ready Data Center program was developed, and why ScaleMatrix is an ideal partner for NVIDIA clients!

ScaleMatrix Data Centers, enabled by the revolutionary DDC cabinet technology, were built from the ground up to support the heavy compute requirements associated with today’s evolving technologies like AI, 5G, and IOT. In addition to supporting 52kW+ of thermal load in each cabinet, these facilities deliver clean-room quality environmental control and surgically precise cooling and airflow management, which help clients drive their infrastructure to its maximum capability without any concern for cooling or airflow.

ScaleMatrix’ enhanced data center design provides better return-on-investment for clients who host within ScaleMatrix sites across North America. Here’s why:

  • Industry Leading Density & ScaleMatrix Data Centers
    • DDC Cabinets Support 52kW+
      • Exceptional density provides future proof protection
    • Higher Density = Smaller, Less Expensive Footprint
      • Cable runs, TOR switching, and fabric costs lower for customer (OpEx)
    • 100% air cooled design requires no customization or change to hosted hardware
  • Surgical Temperature and Airflow Control
    • Guaranteed Temperature Management and Airflow Supply
      • Ensures maximum server performance around-the-clock
    • Consistent Supply Temperature (less than 2 degree variation)
      • Helps extend CPU and GPU lifetime
  • Clean Room Quality Environmental Control
    • Servers stay clean with no dust or debris buildup, extending hardware lifetime
  • Ultra-Efficiency Design Lowers Overall Cost
    • Low utility rate in a variety of geographic regions
    • Low PUE design helps reduce overall cost (1.15 – 1.20 target PUE)
  • Unmatched Security
    • Cabinet-level biometric security provides the ultimate in protection and compliance support
  • Enhanced Remote Hands Support
    • More than just Rack & Stack, ScaleMatrix technology and professional services teams provide white-glove assistance for everything from logistics to break-fix, 24/7/365!


The NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center program truly underscores our focus and mission here at ScaleMatrix. We set out to build the most efficient and secure data centers in the world, which would support variable density workloads, and allow clients the freedom to deploy any hardware, at any density, in any of our facilities across the U.S. We are honored to have been chosen as part of the DGX-Ready Data Center program, and we look forward to providing the world’s most demanding and technologically savvy clients with the most future-proofed data center offering in the U.S. today.


Visit our website at to learn how ScaleMatrix high-density Data Centers can help you get started with your AI initiatives and simplify your deployment.

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