With NVIDIA’s 2019 GTC event right around the corner, our thoughts focus on the extreme innovation for which NVIDIA has become known, and how to solve the resource challenges that sometimes accompany these groundbreaking advancements.

Advancing IT workloads like AI and analytics requires cutting-edge hardware and specialized skills, not only from the teams who use them, but from the data centers and platforms which host them. These compute- and data-heavy workloads are designed to provide answers to some of our world’s biggest challenges. To get there, a new generation of tools bring increased requirements for physical resources like power and cooling, in addition to coming in smaller form factors, which results in greater overall density. This combination of capability and resource demand is often met by data center constraints as facilities struggle to meet airflow, power, and cooling requirements.

This year at GTC, ScaleMatrix, with our revolutionary DDC Cabinet technology, is excited to work with NVIDIA and NetApp to provide powerful, end-to-end solutions that deliver massive AI exploration and development capacity, while at the same time addressing power, cooling, airflow, and density requirements wherever the solution is deployed. NetApp will debut the latest addition to their ONTAP AI platform, which now combines NVIDIA DGX-2 AI systems, with their own A800 All Flash array, and Cisco 3232C 100GB switching infrastructure to provide a scalable AI infrastructure solution in a single 45U DDC cabinet. All in, this powerhouse platform will consume about 36U of space and approximately 40kW of power, leaving rack space and power/cooling density to spare when deployed within ScaleMatrix’ S-1052 Dynamic Density Control cabinet platform!

AI is a Game Changer
Be Ready, No Matter What, With ScaleMatrix & DDC Future-Proof Data Center Solutions

Powerful tools like NVIDIA DGX systems and NetApp All Flash Arrays offer amazing performance that can provide differentiation and technical advantage for your business. Don’t let challenges or limitations in the data center slow you down, or keep you from delivering a true competitive edge. Our industry-leading Variable Density Colocation sites, S-Series Cabinet, and R-Series enclosures are designed to support high-performance IT infrastructure, at anytime, anywhere. Our U.S.-based data centers can host any hardware at near density, with availability across all regions in just days. Additionally, our S-Series cabinets and R-Series enclosures can be deployed quickly to help support demand in existing data centers where resources constraints might exist, while ruggedized features allow for deployment of IT infrastructure in some of the most challenging environments imaginable, including outdoors! With modular, ruggedized, and small form factor solutions which include cooling, fire suppression, airflow, and security - ScaleMatrix and DDC can help deliver tremendous IT capabilities – anytime, anywhere.

A Powerful Partner Ecosystem
--- NVIDIA, Matt Hull, Sr. Director, Global DGX & AI Data Center Solutions Sales

“We recently launched our DGX-Ready Data Center program to ensure that customers can move forward with mission-critical AI initiatives,” said Matt Hull, NVIDIA. “The synergy between our NVIDIA DGX POD partners and DGX-Ready colocation partners like ScaleMatrix enables us to deliver greater combined value to our customers pursuing deep learning and AI initiatives.”

--- NetApp, Santosh Rao, Senior Technical Director, AI and Data Engineering Quote, "ScaleMatrix has opened a new frontier of innovation around cabinet and environmental design for dense computing centered around GPUs. As the leader in data performance and scale, NetApp delivers a dense single-rack NVIDIA DGX-2-powered ONTAP AI solution, along with ScaleMatrix, enabling customers to achieve unprecedented compute and data power for their AI-driven digital transformation."

Come Learn with ScaleMatrix at GTC Booth #620!

  • Discover how variable density colocation means you’ll never have to find another colocation partner again.

  • Learn why green & efficient data center operations help drive down cost and provide better value for your IT investment.

  • Explore what the S-Series and R-Series EDGE platforms can do for your business, and how the data center is no longer a requirement for deploying advanced infrastructure solutions.

Visit NetApp in Booth #917 to See Our Combined Strength on Display

Please visit us at the booth, or request a meeting with our leadership teams or solution engineers who will be on the exhibition floor all week at GTC 2019!

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