On October 13, 2019, Jeff Vance of NetworkWorld posted an Opinion article titled, “9 hot micro-data-center startups to watch” in which he lists the top 9 startups focused on micro data centers that could fill a void created by the growing demand to process IoT data closer to the network edge.

Why is ScaleMatrix listed on this top 9 list on NetworkWorld.com? Jeff Vance wrote, “ScaleMatrix already had a foot in the micro-data-center world with its DDC-powered colocation offerings. Now, with the acquisition of micro-data-center provider Instant Data Centers, ScaleMatrix is able to drop a micro data center into pretty much any environment, including remote and harsh environments.”

Read the entire article here on NetworkWorld.com.

Jeff is correct that we can drop a micro data center into any environment. The R-Series of the DDC Cabinet Technology lineup are mobile and ruggedized. It is amazing what IoT clients can do at the Edge and we are providing the enclosure to make it happen as close as they can get to wherever their Edge is. To view the entire product line, visit ddcontrol.com.

-Stephanie Mansolino, VP of Marketing, ScaleMatrix

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