How many times have you heard the statement “Your call is very important to us?” As customers we have dealt with this type of customer service in some way, shape, or form. Rather than a real person speaking to you, you have to listen to an automated response before speaking with a customer service representative. Every company will say their customers are their number one priority, but most of those companies do not “walk the walk” when it comes to providing exemplary customer service. Most companies see another support ticket that needs to be dealt with. Customer service can make or break a company and we believe it is critical for a company to deliver great customer service 24/7. Zappos CEO and customer service leader Tony Hsieh says "We really don't think that customer service is an expense that you should try to minimize, it's really an investment in your brand. Great customer service doesn't only put a smile on your customer's face, it helps you understand your customer, define your company, and impacts your bottom line."

At ScaleMatrix, we pride ourselves on our unique customer service. We provide Matrix TotalCare™ White Glove Service to all of our clients. Our U.S.-based support teams provide live phone support for all incoming client requests. If you bring an issue to the attention of any employee, they will work diligently to solve that issue to the best of their ability. We have empowered our staff to make things right, whenever and wherever they can! A great example of ScaleMatrix’ customer service occurred during a series of wildfires that burned through parts of San Diego in May 2014. A local brewery located near one of the larger fires was in harm’s way. ScaleMatrix team members watching the news witnessed some of the brewery employees moving their server racks out of the facility. This brewery was not a client of ScaleMatrix at the time, but in the spirit of helping our neighbors, we offered to move their servers into our data center so their data would be secure. Despite the brewery not taking advantage of our offer, it showed our willingness to support them regardless of whether they had an agreement in place or not, and we would do that for any client, big or small. The brewery was appreciative of our goodwill and eventually became a client of ScaleMatrix in June 2014. This example echoes Tony Hsieh’s belief “that customer service shouldn’t be just a department; it should be the entire company.”  Click here to read more client testimonials. 

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