It was announced this month that the Metropolitan Water District will raise rates on its prices for 2017 and 2018 by 17% in the San Diego market. For most data center operators, this could mean a big increase in operating costs. Jason Foster with the San Diego Water Authority says those prices will get passed on to retail water agencies in the San Diego region, which will eventually mean more costs for local residents and businesses in the area. Foster says these price hikes are a good reminder why the county should do more to generate its own water sources like desalination plants and San Diego's "Pure Water" program. For most data centers users, owners, and operators, this increase means higher operating costs!  How does ScaleMatrix avoid being at the mercy of these increasing water prices across the country? 

Many traditional data centers (even some of the most efficient of them) use evaporative cooling and cold air systems to manage thermal output from IT equipment. ScaleMatrix’ revolutionary Dynamic Density ControlTM (DDC) platform uses the world’s first liquid – air hybrid system, with a 100% closed loop water-cooled platform to improve operational efficiency, increase data center density, and protect our business and clients from increasing resources costs.  Water is exponentially more efficient than air at managing thermal abatement, and with a closed-loop system, no additional water is needed to keep the system running with maximum efficiency.   In addition, the DDC platform provides future proofing protection for clients who are looking to leverage some of today’s higher density IT hardware.  With the DDC platforms, clients can use any hardware platform or configuration without fear of overloading data center power or cooling resources.   ScaleMatrix Co-Founder and CEO Mark Ortenzi says “When I was designing the data center, water prices in San Diego were an important factor in my decision to use a closed loop design.  My research and predictive assumptions proved correct, and we are very fortunate that these and future increases will have little to no effect on our business or the services we provide to our client.” Click here to learn more about Dynamic Density Control.



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