IBM's Power8 architecture is based on an innovative processor designed to provide extreme computing performance. The Power8 chip has a mind-boggling 4 million transistors and 11 miles of wiring packed into the 1 square inch that makes up this powerful chip. IBM Power8 was designed to support high performance computing in addition to big data and analytics jobs. The advantage of Power8 is the higher than average processing thread count.  Power8 has eight processing threads, while most of the industry is operating from traditional two thread designs. The speed demonstrated using Power8 is absolutely amazing. With more cores per processor, mathematical queries, number crunching, and database operations scale in an extremely efficient manner with Power8. With 10 cores per processor, Power8 can support high-performance applications without the need for large clusters of traditional servers, as each Power8 core supports 8 logical processors for a total of 160 virtual CPUs per server. Fast cores with multi-threaded design provide tremendous throughput and capabilities for businesses and developers running high performance applications and services. This significant increase in performance and computing power means the IBM Power8 platform can generate better performance and improved economies of scale which can translate to millions of dollars in savings over the life of an application when compared to scale-out architecture. Achieve faster performance per process on the IBM Power8 with a base core frequency of an astounding 3.42GHz and up to 192GB/s of memory bandwidth per socket.

ScaleMatrix is excited to be the first service provider in North America to offer IBM branded Power8 Hosting-as-a-Service. Applications using Turbo LAMP as well as companies with HPC demand, including genomics workloads will benefit from substantial performance and scalability improvements. Computational analytics, big data learning, E-Commerce, genomics and HPC companies can achieve greater speed and efficiency for database, transactional, and other highly multi-threaded applications with transactional memory by using Power8. The industries that use Power8 are IT, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and Life Sciences; they all use Power8 because of the speed. Click here to learn more about Power8. 

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