There are no insurance policies for data, but there are best practices your business can follow to ensure your data is backed up.

  • Move to the Cloud – Cloud Backup is one of the best options because it’s cost effective and the data is always secure. Your company’s data will be on multiple servers in different locations, and there will always be a way to restore lost data.

  • Keep the 3-2-1 Principle in mind…. It’s simple.
    Have 3 copies of your data stored on 2 different media types and 1 offsite copy. In addition to your primary data, your business should also have at least two more backups.Examples of media types are the cloud, external hard drives, flash drives, and SD-cards. Maintain one copy of the business’ data away from the location where the primary backups are stored. Cloud Backup is geographically diverse. In the event your business in Texas loses its data, having an offsite copy of the data in California will ensure protection of your data. Physical separation between copies is important; the idea is to spread out the risk of losing all backups.

  • When backing up your data test often, test internally, and test viruses to prepare. Cloud Backup allows for constant testing of the backup. The best way to test backups is by simulating real-world data loss scenarios, and recovering as if those scenarios were actually happening in real life. These backup drills should also be scheduled at random dates and times, so that you’re forced to constantly be ready for an unexpected drill.

ScaleMatrix offers a flexible suite of archival, backup, and managed disaster recovery services.  If you have any doubt that a backup plan should be your business’s most important plan, ask yourself this question, how much time and how much data can my business afford to lose? Learn more about our backup solutions from ScaleAssure.

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