What would you do if your company’s data was hacked or compromised? Breaches by hackers or ransomware like the CryptoLocker virus target a company’s critical business data for exploitation or ransom. 
These attacks, which sometimes stem from
infected email attachments, malware, or Trojans, can encrypt critical data stored on local or network drives, making the data impossible to access without a private key or access code.  In order to get your data back, the malicious party generally asks for a ransom, or worse, they use your data for fraudulent activity.

Does your business have the right level of protection in place to ensure it would survive such an attack?   If you are unsure, here are some necessary steps we can suggest to help protect against these situations. 
Having an offsite copy of your data stored separately from your primary data storage source is your first line of defense. From simple offsite cloud backup, to multi-site data archival, having multiple low-cost copies of your data is the best way to ensure that you don’t become a victim of one of these ransom schemes.
ScaleMatrix helps ensure the safety of our clients’ data by offering offsite cloud-based archival, backup, and disaster recovery services. Another necessary step is testing. Test internally, test often, and test viruses to be prepared for any kind of breach. Last week the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid 40 bitcoins ($17,000) to attackers who held their business and patient data for ransom. Don’t get caught without these critical services.

While strong network and internal security practices help to protect against these attacks from happening in the first place, cloud-based archival, backup, and disaster recovery services can help you beat the crooks should a breach occur. To learn more about protecting yourself, or to get a quote for ScaleAssure Services, Click Here.


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